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2015. május 14. - Tankó Hudák Csilla

Hudak Hanna was born on the 17-th of February as a healthy child. She grew up very beautifully, being happy and cheerful, this making the family very happy. At the age of one it seemed strange that the little girl didn’t react to noises as normally, she didn’t gurgle as other children of her age do. So we decided to see a doctor, we started in Miercurea-Ciuc at an ENT specialist, and as a result of an external check everything was alright with Hanna. (Due to lack of specialised machinery not even deafness could be established at such a little girl...newborn baby audio-screening). From here we have been sent to a neurologist, were Hanna received only compliments so we have been sent back to the ENT. During this period there was a visit of a children saver team from Hungary and they have found out that Hanna has got serious hearing problems. As soon as we could we went to Cluj were have been made some audio-metrical investigations. The only thing that we found out there was that the little girl can hear only starting from around 90 decibels. They advised us to start immediately using a hearing aid, more exactly to investigate if the little girl was suitable for cochlear implantation. We have managed to get the hearing aid by the middle of June, hoping that this could start the communication. We have been attending speaking development therapies since August but unfortunately with no result. For this reason we have decided to go further to Western Europe. In March we received an appointment at the hospital from Szeged where CT and MRI investigations have been made in order to see and decide if she was suitable for the operation or not.  From this point of view the results have been positive, so Hanna is suitable for the operation. The only problem is that it costs a fortune (in Hungary it costs about 10 million forints per piece, in Romania 25 000 euro-s). Unfortunately time is not good with us, so we should purchase at least the implant for one ear for her, for living a normal life, starting to speak and attending a normal school. We trust in the help of kind-hearted people and we try to gather the needed sum of money with any price. Let’s all help Hanna break the silence...

With respect Csilla Hudak,



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Hudak Attila Stefan
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Hudak Csilla Magdolna

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